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Control Systems Theory is an interdisciplinary field with wide and varied applications. It deals with the basic principles underlying the analysis and design of control systems. To "control" an object means to influence its behavior so as to achieve a desired goal. In order to implement this influence, engineers build devices that incorporate various mathematical techniques. These devices range from Watt's steam engine governor to the sophisticated microprocessor controllers found in consumer items ---such as CD players and automobiles--- or in industrial robots and airplane autopilots. Similarly, in biological context, feedback loops underlie homeostasis at the organism level as well as the regulation of concentrations of enzymes and other species at the cell level.

The SYCON Center aims to bring together different groups at Rutgers who share an interest in control and systems theory research.

Current faculty members, with affiliations and a short description of research interests (click on names for more information) include:

Workshop Photo, August 2003

Ph.D. Students (Graduated) of SYCON Faculty

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