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Math 135 provides an introduction to calculus. It is taken primarily by students interested in the biological sciences, business, economics, and pharmacy. Math 135 may be followed by Math 136 or Math 138.

There is another calculus sequence, Math 151-152-251, which is taken by students in the mathematical and physical sciences, engineering, and computer science. Although it is possible to take Math 152 after Math 135, this is not a recommended sequence. More importantly, the prerequisite for Math 251 is Math 152; neither Math 136 nor Math 138 satisfies this prerequisite.

Students who may need to take Math 152 or 251 should start their study of calculus with Math 151, and students who decide after taking Math 135 that they may wish to take Math 251 should follow Math 135 with Math 152.

In addition to the standard 4-credit format of the course, there is a 5-credit format.

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