Mathematics Department - News Item: Joel Lebowitz Wins Graduate Teaching Award

News Item: Joel Lebowitz Wins Graduate Teaching Award

APRIL, 2001: Dr. Joel Lebowitz, the George William Hill Professor of Mathematics and Physics, was named one of two winners of the Graduate Teaching Award by the Rutgers Graduate School-New Brunswick. The award will be presented on April 25, 2001 at the Zimmerli Art Museum. Although Joel's scholarly excellence and humanitarian qualities have been recognized previously by Rutgers, this award specifically honors his achievement as an instructor and mentor on the graduate and postdoctoral level.

Joel's remarkable abilities have led to great success as a teacher on the graduate level: his work as a classroom instructor, as a mentor of graduate students and postdocs, and as the creator of a remarkable worldwide intellectual community in mathematical physics and statistical mechanics directly benefits all students and scholars in these fields at Rutgers.

Joel has had 33 successful doctoral students and a large number of postdoctoral associates. His nomination for this award was supported by e-mail from many individuals who wrote of his enthusiastic and effective personal interest in their careers.

Joel runs a weekly mathematical physics seminar which meets twice on Thursdays. Presentations at the seminar are rarely straightforward lectures. There's a great deal of interaction and a remarkably relaxed learning atmosphere.

He organizes statistical mechanics meetings twice a year, each bringing hundreds of students and researchers to Rutgers. Each meeting features 30 to 40 presentations and various panels. Papers are exchanged, jobs are negotiated -- the meetings are wonderful scholarly occasions and invaluable opportunities for his students and coworkers.

Joel Lebowitz has been for years one of the great educators of the Rutgers mathematics and physics communities.

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