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01:640:428 Graph Theory (3)
Colorability, connectedness, tournaments, eulerian and hamiltonian paths, orientability, and other topics from the theory of finite linear graphs, with an emphasis on applications chosen from social, biological, computer science, and physical problems.
Prerequisites: CALC3 and 01:640:250.


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Syllabus may vary.

Taught in the Summer and Fall semesters.

Current Semester:

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Previous semesters:

  • Fall 2010 Prof. Weibel
  • Summer 2010: Wesley Pegden
  • Summer 2009: Prof. Beck
  • Fall 2008: Prof. Butler
  • Summer '08. A. Thanatipanonda
  • Fall 2007. Prof. Ocone
  • Summer 2007. Liviu Ilinca
  • Fall 2006. Prof. Beck. (Used a different text: Brualdi)
  • Fall 2005 (Schleimer)
  • Fall 2004 (Maclagan)
  • Fall 2003 (Zeilberger)
  • Fall 1997 (Weibel



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