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Mathematics - Standard Major

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

This page describes the "standard" major in mathematics ("Option A") at Rutgers/New Brunswick.
This discussion is intended for entering students. Technicalities have been omitted—continuing students should consult the full brochure.

Core requirements

All Mathematics majors must complete the core requirements:

    • Three terms of calculus
    • Introductory Linear Algebra
    • Elementary Differential Equations
    2.– One introductory computer science course suitable for math majors. This will almost always be CS 107 or CS 111.
    Majors normally should complete the calculus sequence, the linear algebra, and the computer science course by the end of their sophomore year.

The three options

A Mathematics Major has a choice of three options which may be combined with the core requirements:

  • A. Standard Option: 8 upper level courses (details)
  • B. Computer Oriented Option
  • C. Honors Track

Most students (including those in the education track) will follow the standard option.

Note: Mathematics 300 (Mathematical Reasoning) is a prerequisite for the abstract courses Math 311, 350, and 351, as well as many other upper-level mathematics courses.

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