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List of Publications of Eduardo D. Sontag: Index
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1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990
1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981
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A A. Adadey R. Albert F. Albertini
U. Alon R. Alur Z. Aminzare
M. Andrec B. Andrews D. Angeli
A. C. Antoulas A. Arapostathis M. Arcak
T. Asano J.A. Ascensao R.H. Austin
B J. L. Balcázar X. Bao J. Barton
P. Bastiaens Y. Benenson P. Berman
M. R. Birtwistle L. Bleris V.D. Blondel
N. Bluthgen F.J. Bruggeman R.T. Bumby
C M. Chaves P. Chen Y. Chitour
K.-H. Cho M. Chyba G. Cipriani
P.G. Cipriani F.H. Clarke P. Cluzel
C. Cosentino G. Craciun
D M.A. Dahleh C. Darken B. DasGupta
S.N. Dashkovskiy B.N. Datta P. Datta
N. Davidsohn A. Dayarian M. Marcondes de Freitas
A. de la Fuente P. de Leenheer D. Del Vecchio
W. Desch H. Dewan M. di Bernardo
B.W. Dickinson W. Dicks R.J. Dinerstein
M.J. Donahue R. Dondi G. Duclos
E D.V. Efimov A.D. Ellington G.A. Enciso
K. Erickson
F J. E. Ferrell
G R. Garcìa R.A. Gatenby R. Gavaldà
T. Gedeon D. Geiger M.L. Gennaro
T.T. Georgiou C.L. Giles A. Gitter
D. Glass L. Goentoro L. Grüne
J. Gunawardena K. Gunsalus G. Gürsoy
L. Gurvits S. Guzman
H M. Hafner A.O. Hamadeh B. Hancioglu
Y. Hart M.L.J. Hautus R. Hegde
T.A. Henzinger J. Hershberger J.P. Hespanha
M.W. Hirsch J. Hoek J. B. Hoek
I P. Iglesias B.P. Ingalls R. Iyengar
J B. Jakubczyk A.S. Jarrah A.C. Jiang
Z-P. Jiang C.R. Johnson P. Joshi
M.R. Jovanovic
K M.A. Kaashoek S. Kachalo Y. Kam
T. Kang H.-L. Kao P.P. Khargonekar
B.N. Kholodenko A. Kiyatkin S. Klamt
C.A. Klausmeier P. Koiran W. Kolch
R. Koplon M. Krichman P. Kuusela
L G.A. Lafferriere R. Laubenbacher D. Lauffenburger
Y.S. Ledyaev H.-G. Lee J. Lee
B. Lees S. Legewie N.E. Leonard
S.A. Levin A. Levine R.M. Levy
Y. Li D. Liberzon Y. Lin
Z. Lin L. Liu W. Liu
H. Logemann
M W. Maass A. Maayan A. Macintyre
V. Maillot M. Malisoff J.L. Mancilla-Aguilar
S. I. Marcus M. Margaliot A. Mayo
A. Megretski P. Mendes S. D. Merajver
A.J. Meyer M. Miller R. Moore
L. Moreau A.S. Morse E. Munarriz
N T. Naka T. Natschläger D. Nesic
E.V. Nikolaev A.J. Ninfa S. Nishida
O O.A.Igoshin D. Ocone
P A. Paaby J. Pach C. Pantea
P. Paul F. Piano R.J. Plemmons
J. R. Pomerening S. Prabakaran L. Praly
P. E. M. Purnick
Q Y. Qiao
R K. Rattanakorn A. Raveh J. Riehl
L. Rifford T. Riley L. Rosier
Y. Rouchaleau A. Rufino Ferreira G. Russo
E.P. Ryan
S T. Santra L. Scardovi G. Schnitger
C.A. Schwartz R. Schwarzschild T.H. Segall-Shapiro
A. Sengupta Y. Shafi V. Shimoga
O. Shoval H.T. Siegelmann A. Singh
G.S. Sivanathan M. Skataric H.L. Smith
E.D. Sontag D. Souivaine D.E. Stevenson
H.A. Stone J.C. Sturm A.I. Subbotin
S. Subramanian B. Sun S. Suri
H.J. Sussmann
T A.R. Teel D.N.C. Tse J.N. Tsitsiklis
T. Tuller
V N.A.W. van Riel W. Vasconcelos A. Veliz-Cuba
A. C. Ventura P. Vera-Licona M. Vidyasagar
C.A. Voigt
W L. Wang Y. Wang A.M. Weinstein
R. Weiss K. Westbrooks H.V. Westerhoff
A. White J.T. White J.C. Willems
F.R. Wirth K. Wood A. Wu
X Z. Xie
Y Y. Yamamoto Y. Yang X. Yu
Z A. Zador D. Zeilberger A. Zelikovsky
R. Zhang Y. Zhang

Selection by keyword


A adaptation adaptive control algorithms
analog computing analytic geometry approximation theory
artificial intelligence
B bifurcations bilinear systems biochemical networks
biochemical networks with inputs biological adaptation biomolecular networks
boolean systems
C cancer cell biology cellular signaling
chaotic systems Chemical Master Equation chemotaxis
circadian rhythms computation by cortical microcircuits computational complexity
computational geometry consensus consistent graphs
contractions contractive systems control-Lyapunov functions
controllability critical points cyclic feedback systems
D delay-differential systems detectability differential inclusions
diffusion discontinuous feedback discrete-time
drug interactions dynamical systems
E entrainment enzymatic networks
F feedback linearization feedback stabilization feedforward loops
fluxes fold change detection futile cycles
G gene and protein networks gene expression gene networks
genetic regulatory networks global stability graph algorithms
H H-infinity control Hidden Markov Models homeostasis
hopf bifurcations hybrid systems
I identifiability identification image processing
immunology incoherent feedforward loops input to state stability
input/output system representations integral feedback internal model principle
invariance principle Ising spin models
J jump Markov processes
L learning Lie algebra accessibility logarithmic norms
Lyapunov functions
M machine learning MAPK cascades matrix measures
measurement noise metastasis minimum phase
modularity molecular biology monotone systems
N neural networks noise-to-state stability noncommutative rings
nonlinear control nonlinear dynamics nonlinear regulation
nonlinear stability nonlinear systems
O observability observers optimal control
optimization optimization problems oscillations
P p53 parameter identification partial differential equations
passive systems passivity periodic behavior
persistence Petri nets piecewise linear systems
polynomial systems positive feedback systems positive systems
probability theory protein networks
Q quorum sensing
R random dynamical systems reachability reaction cordinates
reaction-diffusion PDE's real algebraic geometry realization theory
receptor-ligand models resource competition retroactivity
reverse engineering ribosomes robotics
S satellite control saturation scale invariance
search problems secant condition semianalytic sets
sensitivity shattering signal transduction networks
singular perturbations small-gain small-gain theorem
spatially distributed systems stability statistics
stem cells stochastic systems subanalytic sets
super-Turing computation switched systems symmetries
synchronization synthetic biology systems biology
systems identification systems over rings
T T cells theory of computing theory of computing and complexity
toggle switches transcription transcription factors
transient behavior tridiagonal systems Turing instabilities
V VC dimension viscosity solutions Volterra series
Z zero-deficiency networks

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