Starting with the 2001 Academic Year, the math department expects to offer two new courses:

  • 640:336, Differential Equations in Biology (F'01).
  • 640:338, Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology (S'02).

The new course Math 336 will have Ordinary Differential Equations (640:244 or 640:252) as a prerequisite.
The course Math 338 will keep the old 338 prerequisites of linear algebra and probability.

In the future, students will be able to get credit for both 336 and 338, and both courses will be required for Biomath majors. (But please note: if you take 338 before the 2001/2002 year, you will need to obtain special permission to have both courses count, because 338 in the Spring of 2001 is the same course as what will become 336.)

For further information, please look at the web page for the Spring 01 338 course; this course covered the material which is expected to be covered in the new 336 course.



Mon Oct 21 @ 2:00PM - 03:00PM
Improved bounds for sunflowers  
Mon Oct 21 @ 5:00PM - 06:00PM
The universality spectrum for first-order theories, III
Tue Oct 22 @ 1:40PM - 02:50PM
Total Curvature and the isoperimetric inequality in negatively curved manifolds  
Tue Oct 22 @ 2:50PM - 03:50PM
Tue Oct 22 @ 2:50PM - 03:50PM
Convex Algebraic Geometry of Curvature Operators  
Tue Oct 22 @ 3:50PM - 04:40PM
Constructing knot Floer Homology via sutures  
Wed Oct 23 @10:30AM - 11:30AM


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