Outreach Activities

Programs for Students

This page describes programs sponsored by the Department of Mathematics for pre-college students with a strong interest in mathematics and provides links to other programs. 

Students interested in applying for admission to Rutgers University should consult our page for Prospective Students.

Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics is a four-week summer residential program at Rutgers designed to provide mathematically talented high school students with an exciting experience and ultimately to encourage them to consider careers in the mathematical sciences. 

Girls' Topology Camp is a weeklong day camp designed to provide middle-school girls with a low-background games-based introduction to the mathematical study of shape and dimension. It runs annually near the end of June.

Further Information

The Governor's School of New Jersey in the Sciences is a summer program for high school seniors that takes place at Rutgers.  The component called the Governor's School in Engineering and Technology takes place at Rutgers.

American Mathematical Society (AMS) maintains a list of nationwide Summer Programs, Math Clubs, Magazines, Careers, and Competitions.