Technology Requirements for Math Courses in Summer 2022

This summer, many math courses are offered online, and students and professors need to be ready to temporarily transition to an online mode as the need may arise. Students must have the technology that is recommended by the SAS to take math department courses.  Please also see the OIT student tech guide.

By signing up for a course in the math department, a student consents to have videos of themselves recorded as needed for authentication purposes. We take seriously our obligation to students to provide a level playing field that does not disadvantage our many students of high integrity. Therefore, in all courses, there will be some form of video control of test environments. This type of online proctoring will require the use of a webcam and a mic. Students will also need, at those times, to be in an environment that affords them privacy, if only to avoid the recording of others who may not be aware of it. For test dates (when the full range of equipment listed above will be needed), please see the course syllabus.