01:640:196 - First and Second Year Honors Seminar

Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar: Reading, presentation, and discussion of mathematical topics.

This one-credit honors-level seminar is designed for first- and second-year students who are considering studies in advanced mathematics. There is also a Junior-Senior Honors Seminar. These seminars satisfy requirements of the Honors Track in Mathematics.

The First and Second Year Honors Seminar provides a glimpse into the world of mathematics that lies beyond elementary calculus. It aims to be informal, lively, and challenging.

There are no problem sets or exams in the course. Students are expected to participate actively by making presentations in the seminar, collaborating with other students in preparing talks, and contributing to discussions. Occasionally, we have guest speakers (professors and graduate students).

Admission to the First and Second Year Honors Seminar is by special permission. To apply, use the online special permission form for honors courses.

Questions may be addressed to Professors Janos Komlos and Michael Beals (Honors Committee chair).

Textbook and Syllabus

The Spring 2023 textbook is ``Conjecture and Proof" by Miklós Laczkovich and is available on the AMS website:



This seminar satisfies an honors track requirement.

This course is offered each Spring Semester.
Information will be available during the registration period, through the Honors Committee or the Undergraduate Office.

Schedule of Sections:

01:640:196 - Seminar in Mathematics II - Spring 2022

SectionIndexInstructorMeeting TypeDays/PeriodTimeRoomCampus
01 09117 Komlos, Janos Seminar M5 0350P-0510 BE-121 LIV

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