01:640:244 - Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics

General Information

01:640:244 Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics (4)
First- and second-order ordinary differential equations; introduction to linear algebra and to systems of ordinary differential equations.
Prerequisite: CALC3. Credit restriction CR4.

Course Learning Goals: The specific learning goals for this course can be found on the document here. In addition, this document contains a list of recommended problems from each section of the textbook. These problems cover most of the essential topics that will be discussed during this course. 

Textbook:  The current textbook used for this course is Differential Equations: An Introduction for Engineers. This is a freely available textbook that was written to fit the desired structure and sequencing of this course. The PDF version can be found here:

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Approximate Syllabus, Math 244

All section numbers refer to Charnley, Differential Equations: An Introduction for Engineers, version 0.9.

NOTE: This is a suggested syllabus, which individual instructors may revise.

LectureSections CoveredAssignments
(Reading, MATLAB)
 LectureSections CoveredAssignments
(Reading, MATLAB)
1 0.1, 0.2, 1.1, 1.2 MATLAB 1   15 Review, 2.7 MATLAB 5
2 1.3     16 Exam 2  
3 1.4     17 3.1, 3.2  
4 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 MATLAB 2   18 3.3  
5 1.7, 1.8     19 3.4, 3.5  
6 1.10, 1.11     20 3.6 MATLAB 6
7 Review MATLAB 3   21 Review, 4.1, 4.3  
8 Exam 1     22 Exam 3  
9 2.1     23 4.4  
10 2.2 MATLAB 4   24 4.5. 4.6. 4.7 MATLAB 7
11 2.3     25 4.8  
12 2.4     26 5.1  
13 2.5     27 5.2 MATLAB 8
14 2.6     28 5.3, Review  

MATLAB in Math 244

Math 244 uses MATLAB assignments to given an opportunity for students to explore the computational side of differential equations and see how MATLAB can be used to solve and visualize these equations. Assignments and due dates will be decided by individual instructors. In order to complete the assignments, students will need the supplemental MATLAB functions as well as format files that outline the details of each assignment.

All of the information for these assignments are available to current students of Math 244. This is available on your section's Canvas site. There you will find information about when the assignments are due, how to submit them, and extra resources that are available to help with these assignments. The MATLAB On-Ramp can also be helpful for a review/introduction to Matlab if needed.




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