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640:135 - Calculus I

Information related to the second Math 135 midterm exam

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the details of the Math 135 syllabus sometimes
evolve from year to year, you may find that a few of these review
problems aren't similar to problems covered this semester because some
subtopic in some section of the book has been omitted in this
semester's syllabus.  You should certainly practice doing the problems
that are related to the material covered in the problems in this
semester's official homework list FOR THE TOPICS TO BE COVERED IN YOUR
SECTION'S SECOND MIDTERM EXAM.    But it's also crucial for you to
review all of the material covered in the first midterm exam, because
that material is certainly needed for understanding the material of
the second midterm exam.

Besides the material here, you have many other resources available to help you review.

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