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DIMACS Theory of Computing Seminar

Improved Bounds for Distributed Load Balancing

Zach Langley (Rutgers)

Date & time: Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Abstract: We consider the problem of load balancing in the distributed setting. The input is a bipartite graph on clients and servers, where each client comes with a positive weight. The algorithm must assign each client to an adjacent server, minimizing the weighted sum of clients assigned to any one server. This problem has a variety of applications and has been widely studied under several different names, including scheduling with restricted assignment, semi-matching, and distributed backup placement. We show the first distributed algorithms to compute an O(1)-approximation to the load balancing problem in polylog(n) rounds. In the CONGEST model, we give an O(1)-approximation algorithm in polylog(n) rounds for unweighted clients. For weighted clients, the approximation ratio is O(log(n)). In the less constrained LOCAL model, we give an O(1)-approximation algorithm for weighted clients in polylog(n) rounds.

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