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Mathematical Physics Seminar

Christian Maes - Active processes for deriving observed deviations from equilibrium distributions

Christian Maes

Location:  Webinar
Date & time: Thursday, 06 August 2020 at 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Christian Maes – KU Leuven

Thursday, August 6, 11:00AM

“Active processes for deriving observed deviations from equilibrium distributions”

We discuss statistical mechanical models to understand the origin of kappa-distributions in dilute space plasmas, i.e., power-law tails in the stationary distribution of electrons in contact with a random force field.  As a counterpart, we discuss a similar origin for low-frequency deviations with respect to the Planck law for the cosmic microwave background.  It  suggests an important nonequilibrium effect in the primordial plasma.

The talk is based on the publications:
Tirthankar Banerjee, Urna Basu, and Christian Maes, Active velocity processes with suprathermal stationary distributions and long time-tails. Physical Review E 101, 062130 (2020).
Marco Baiesi, Carlo Burigana, Livia Conti, Gianmaria Falasco, Christian Maes, Lamberto Rondoni and Tiziana Trombetti, On a possible nonequilibrium
imprint in the cosmic background at low frequencies.  Physical Review Research 2, 013210 (2020)