Departmental Honors

Rutgers Undergraduate Students stand out at 2019 NJ Math Conference and Competition 19 April 2019
Math Department Ph.D. student William Cole Franks wins 2019 Rutgers School of Graduate Studies Distinguished Scholarly Achievement Award 10 April 2019
International conference in honor of Rutgers Mathematics Professor Yi-Zhi Huang 26 February 2019
School of Arts and Sciences recognizes Sunita Jagtiani-Sanghvi, Ana Mastrogiovanni, and Alyssa Siegel with Staff Excellence Recognition Awards. 16 February 2019
Amy Cohen selected as a Fellow of the Association for Women in Mathematics 06 October 2018
Michael Saks receives a best paper award from IEEE FOCS 06 October 2018
Rutgers Mathematics Department rises to 16th in International Ranking. 04 September 2018
Professor Giovanni Gallavotti awarded Poincare Prize 22 August 2018
Professor Hector Sussmann awarded 2017 Tullio Levi-Civita prize. 30 April 2018
Shubhangi Saraf wins Sloan Fellowship 05 March 2018
Rutgers Undergraduates shine in 2017 William Lowell Putnam Examination 06 March 2018
Conference in Honor of Professor Vladimir Retakh 04 January 2018
Professor Liping Liu is awarded the 2018 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award 09 December 2017
Rutgers Mathematics Department ranked 19th in the World. 09 December 2017
Three Rutgers Mathematics Professors named to 2018 Class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society 03 November 2017
Work of Viazovska, Cohn, Kumar, Radchenko and Rutgers Professor Stephen Miller featured in Quanta Magazine 10 April 2019
Saharon Shelah co-winner of Third Hausdorff Medal 2017 21 July 2017
Former Hill Asst Professor Eduardo Teixeira wins the 2017 Ramanujan Prize 01 July 2017
Kahn, Kontorovich, and Sesum win 2017 Simons Fellowships 02 May 2017