Department News

Math Department announces receipients of departmental graduation honors and awards.

The Department of Mathematics is proud to announce our 2019   departmental graduation honors and other prizes.  This year marks the largest number of students ever receiving such awards.

Twelve seniors are completing the extensive requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree:  Amnon Attali, Simon Bird, Hyeri Cho, Cecelia Higgins, Steve Hsu, Anton Maliev, Rahul Ilango, Roberta Shapiro, and Michael Zlatin are graduating with Highest Honors in Mathematics.  Gabriel Eiseman, Heman Gandhi, and Scott Harman are graduating with High Honors in Mathematics.

Six additional seniors are graduating with Honors in Mathematics:  Gihyen Eom, Bill Lee, Eli Minkin, Yuzhe Ni, Rose Nixon, and Charlotte Singer.

One senior is graduating with Honors in Biomathematics:  Samantha Sun.

Nine seniors are being awarded prizes, eight by the Department and one on the recommendation of the Department:

Hyeri Cho, is winner of the Kenneth and Rosalind Wolfson Annual Award for Academic Excellence in Mathematics (for a graduating senior majoring in Mathematics)

Rahul Ilango and Roberta Shapiro, the Joseph P. Bradley Memorial Prize in Mathematics (for  graduating senior for outstanding performance in mathematics.)

Scott Harman and Cecelia Higgins, the Lawrence Corwin Memorial Math Prize (for graduating seniors with distinguished records in Mathematics courses)

Charlotte Singer, the Hannah Hoyt Senior Prize in Mathematics (For an SAS or Douglass Residential College senior woman who has excelled in mathematics.)

Rose Nixon, the Richard Morris Award (For an SAS or Douglass Residential College senior woman with the highest GPA in Math courses)

Evan Nielo, the Mathematics Education Prize;

Elizabeth Dreifus, the Pi Mu Epsilon Prize (awarded by the Douglass Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon).

Four additional prizes are awarded to students before their senior year, three by the Department and one on the recommendation of the Department:

Victor Chen, the John Bogart Prize for excellence as a Mathematics major

Nicholas McConnell, the Tilla Weinstein Award for outstanding performance in Mathematics