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Teaching Seminar

Skittles, Geoboards, and Area: What's Not to Like?

Chris Woodward

Location:  SERC
Date & time: Wednesday, 21 February 2018 at 4:30PM - 7:00PM

RUMTC February 2018 meeting 

Topic: "Skittles, Geoboards, and Area: What's Not to Like?

Facilitator: Dr. Christopher Woodward, Rutgers University

To sign up, email Iuliana Radu (RUMTC coordinator) at


You are given a rubber band that can be stretched to at most 12 inches and a 5x5 Geoboard. Your task is to use the string to enclose a polygonal region on the Geoboard, with pegs as its vertices. Your reward will be as many Skittles as can be fitted inside your polygonal region, in one layer. Which pegs would you use as vertices if you want to maximize your Skittles reward? Note: the distance between any two consecutive horizontal (or vertical) pegs on the Geoboard is 1 inch. 

(Link to virtual Geoboard: https://www. apps/geoboard/)

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