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Graduate Student Combinatorics Seminar Sponsored by DIMACS

Apéry's proof of the irrationality of zeta(3)

Matthew Russell (Rutgers University)

Location:  GSL
Date & time: Wednesday, 03 October 2018 at 12:15PM - 1:15PM

Abstract: Roger Apéry shocked the world in 1978 by announcing a proof that zeta(3) was irrational. A lot of the machinery here relies on sums of binomial coefficients, along with other sequences defined recursively, which makes them perfect targets for WZ machinery. I'll spend this weekend* teaching these techniques to myself, and then report to you all what I learned on Wednesday at lunch time (which will likely be a high-level overview of the proof process, with emphasis on the parts that are, indeed, shaloshable). Hopefully, it will be fun. And perhaps educational? (At least for Keith.)*Let's be honest, "weekend" probably should be replaced with "Tuesday night". Or "Wednesday morning".

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