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Discrete Math

Powers of Hamiltonian cycles in randomly augmented graphs

Mathias Schacht, Yale

Location:  Hill 705
Date & time: Monday, 26 November 2018 at 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Abstract:  We study the existence of powers of Hamiltonian cycles in graphs with large minimum degree to which some additional edges have been added in a random manner. It follows from the theorems of Dirac and of Komlós, Sarközy, and Szemerédi that for every \(k\) and sufficiently large \(n\) already the minimum degree \(geq frac{k}{k-1}n\) for an \(n\)-vertex graph \(G\) alone suffices to ensure the existence of a \(k\)-th power of a Hamiltonian cycle. We show that under essentially the same degree assumption the addition of just \(O(n)\) random edges ensures the presence of the \((k+1)\)-st power of a Hamiltonian cycle with probability close to one.

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