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Topology/Geometry Seminar

A new construction of exotic compact 4-manifolds with b_2=1

Masaki Taniguchi (iTHEMS/RIKEN)

Location:  Hill Center, Room 705
Date & time: Tuesday, 07 February 2023 at 4:00PM - 5:00PM

For a given strongly invertible knot in S^3 with certain conditions, we will provide an infinite family of pairs of exotic 4-manifolds with boundary and with b_2=1. We make use of families Seiberg-Witten theory and involutive Heegaard Floer theory to detect exoticness of 4-manifolds as pairs and filtered instanton theory to distinguish the sequence of pairs of 4-manifolds. If time permits, I’ll explain family Froyshov type inequality and local equivalence theory and compare them. This is joint work with Hokuto Konno and Abhishek Mallick.

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