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Mathematical Physics Seminar

Webinar: Ivan Corwin - Extreme Diffusion or Was Einstein Wrong About Diffusion?

Location:  Zoom
Date & time: Wednesday, 19 June 2024 at 10:45AM - 11:45AM



Ivan Corwin– Columbia University

Wednesday, June 19th, 10:45AM EDT 


Extreme Diffusion or Was Einstein Wrong About Diffusion?


In a system of many particles diffusing in a common environment, the first few particles are often quite important. How do they behave and what does that behavior tell us about the environment in which they have evolved? We will approach these problems by studying random walks in random environments and utilizing a connection with the KPZ equation and universality class. We uncover new power-laws beyond the Einstein theory of diffusion whose coefficient, termed the Extreme Diffusion Coefficient, captures new microscopic information about the environment.

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