For Faculty & Staff

Academic Dishonesty

Cases of suspected cheating are handled through the Undergraduate Office. It is advisable to write a memorandum as soon as possible after the event putting down all relevant information in the most precise form possible (including location, time, date). Until the case is settled by the office of judicial affairs, any term grade which has been lowered as a result of the offense should be submitted as "temporary." The typical case is when a midterm or final exam has been interrupted as a result of cheating, or when work on individual problems has been disallowed.

Instructors are encouraged to

  • Post a link to the University's Policy on Academic Integrity:
  • Address this point, particularly as regards plagiarism, on the course web page and syllabus, and in class
  • Consider having a presentation by representatives of the office of Student Judicial Affairs during class time, if you are teaching freshmen. For more information or to schedule a presentation in one of your classes, contact Student Judicial Affairs at (732)932-9414, or, or make the request online at
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