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Reid Prize article in SIAM News, July 2001; Hendrik Bode Prize at 2002 IEEE CDC (Bode Talk slides with narrative); 2002 Rutgers' Trustees Award announcement; 2005 Teacher/Scholar Award photos; 2011 IEEE Control Field Award (speech; photo with IEEE President Kam)

Teaching. Quick links: Elementary Differential Equations 640:252 (Spring 2016) 321: Introduction to Applied Mathematics (Fall 2015). 336: Dynamical Models in Biology (Spring 2015). Discrete and Probabilistic Models in Biology 640:338 (Spring 2013) Introduction to Control Systems Theory (Spring 2012).

Please read this if you were going to contact me inquiring about admission as a Ph.D. student

Workshop on Perspectives and Future Directions in Systems and Control Theory May 23-27, 2011 and article in Control Systems Magazine about it

Contact information (email, phone, fax, office address and directions, places to stay)

BioMaPS Institute and Graduate Program

BioMathematics Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Major

R.E. Kalman (article in Notices of AMS, Nat.Med.Sci., 2009)

MCSS journal

Mathematical Control Theory book (online copy available)

Notes on Mathematical/Systems Biology

SYCON (Control Center)

Suggestions (for students and collaborators) when writing papers (please email me comments and I will add or make changes!)

Internships page for RU math grad students

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