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16:640:640 - Experimental Mathematics

Doron Zeilberger


Automated guessing and proving and Introduction to Machine Learning

Course Description:

Experimental Mathematics used to be considered an oxymoron, but the future of mathematics is in that direction. In addition to learning the philosophy and methodology of this budding field, students will become computer-algebra wizards, and that should be very helpful in whatever mathematical specialty they are doing (or will do) research in.

We will first learn Maple, and how to program with it. This semester we will learn the foundation of experimental-symbolic mathematics using the excellent book `The Concrete Tetrahedron' by Manuel Kauers and Peter Paule. An E-book will be downloadable to each registered student, free of charge, (by kind permission of the authors). [Of course, everyone is welcome to buy a print version.]

We will also explore a bit of machine learning, and relate it to experimental mathematics.

The class will be in IML classroom at ARC.


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mathematical maturity

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