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16:640:640 - Experimental Mathematics

Doron Zeilberger


The Riemann Zeta Function From an Experimental viewpoint

Course Description:

Experimental Mathematics used to be considered an oxymoron, but the future of mathematics is in that direction. In addition to learning the philosophy and methodology of this budding field, students will become computer-algebra wizards, and that should be very helpful in whatever mathematical specialty they are doing (or will do) research in.

We will first learn Maple, and how to program with it. This semester we will learn about the Riemann Zeta function, following the terse, but crystal-clear, notes of Professor Henryk Iwaniec, but we will really understand it, since we will program everything, and the only way to really understand something is to program it.

There is no overlap with previous years.




Undergraduate level real and complex analysis.

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