Short-Term Reading Courses for Ph.D. Students

The following faculty members have expressed interest in supervising graduate students over a duration of a short informal reading course. The suggested format for the course consists of once-a-week hour-long meetings over several weeks to discuss papers/books in the area of mutual interest.

The courses are informal, and no grades or credit are given. Students and faculty can deviate from the suggested format depending on their preferences/schedules.

This list will be updated as more information becomes available. Faculty members not listed here may also be open to interacting with graduate students in a reading course format and/or as PhD advisors.

  • Anders Buch, algebraic geometry, Schubert calculus, combinatorics
    Detailed description
    web page

  • Fioralba Cakoni, inverse problems, PDEs, integral equations, inverse scattering theory
    Detailed description
    web page

  • Lisa Carbone, geometric group theory, Kac-Moody groups, applications to high-energy physics
    web page

  • Eric Carlen, functional analysis, probability, mathematical physics
    web page

  • Sagun Chanillo, classical analysis, PDEs
    Detailed description

  • Paul Feehan, Geometric analysis, elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, geometric flows, gauge theory and applications to low-dimensional topology.
    web page
    course description

  • Kristen Hendricks, Knot theory, low-dimensional topology, symplectic topology

  • Xiaojun Huang, complex geometry
    Reading course on complex analysis of several variables
    web page

  • Yi-Zhi Huang, mathematical quantum field theory and its applications in algebra, representation theory, topology and geometry
    web page

  • Michael Kiessling, mathematical physics: relativistic N-body problems; Maxwell-, Einstein-, and Dirac-equations
    web page

  • Daniel Ketover, geometric analysis, minimal surfaces.

  • Alex Kontorovich, number theory
    web page

  • Kasper Larsen, topics in math-finance
    web page

  • Joel Lebowitz, Statistical Mechanics of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Systems: From the Microscopic to the Macroscopic.

  • Jim Lepowsky, vertex operator algebra theory

  • Feng Luo, Geometry and topology. I have also worked on computer graphics and computer networking recently.
    web page

  • Yanyan Li, PDEs, Geometric Analysis
    Course 1: Vorticity and incompressible flow.
    Material:  Chapter 1-3 of the book
    [MB]  A.J. Majda and A. Bertozzi, Vorticity and incompressible flow.
    Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, 27.
    Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002.
    Course 2: A fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem.
    Material: A selection of 1-3 papers.
    web page

  • Konstantin Mischaikow, nonlinear dynamics, computational topology, topological data analysis and computer assisted proofs in dynamics
    web page
    Detailed description Fall 2019: Our group has regular meetings Tuesday 4:00-6:00 pm.

  • Bhargav Narayanan, combinatorics
    Spectral methods in discrete mathematics
    web page

  • Vladimir Retakh, noncommutative algebra and related topics
    web page

  • Xiaochun Rong, metric Riemannian geometry

  • Siddhartha Sahi, representation theory
    The content of the course(s) will of course depend on the background and interests of the student(s).
    web page

  • Natasa Sesum, Geometric analysis, mean curvature flow, Ricci flow

  • Avraham Soffer, mathematical physics, in particular PDEs of math-phys.
    Spectral and scattering theory for linear and nonlinear waves, math problems in Quantum mechanics, and related topics in Functional Analysis.
    Google scholarpreprint archive

  • Hongbin Sun, low dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry
    The content of the course depends on the interest of the student.
    web page

  • Simon Thomas, mathematical logic: set theory and group theory
    web page

  • Pham Huu Tiep, representation theory, group theory
    web page

  • Li-Cheng Tsai, stochastic analysis and large deviations of interacting particle systems and PDEs.
    Detailed description
    web page

  • Michael Vogelius, Inverse problems and related analysis of Partial Differential Equations. Electromagnetic imaging, meta-materials and invisibility cloaks.
    web page

  • Charles Weibel,
    algebraic geometry (via Hartshorne),
    vector bundles and characteristic classes,
    Quillen model categories,
    infinity categories
    web page

  • Kim Weston, mathematical finance and stochastic analysis
    Detailed description

  • Chris Woodward, symplectic geometry
    web page