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16:640:502 - Theory of Functions of a Real Variable II

Mirek Mariusz

Course Description:

This course provides a development of the fundamental topics in the analysis of functions of a real variable and of some introductory topics in functional analysis.

It is a continuation of 640:501 Theory of Functions of Real Variable I.


Real Analysis for Graduate Students, by R. F. Bass, 2nd Edition, 2013.



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Spring 2016 Prof. Sussmann
Spring 2015 Prof. Nussbaum
Spring 2014 Prof. Chanillo
Spring 2013 Prof. Carlen
Spring 2012 Prof. Chanillo
Spring 2011 Prof. Nussbaum
Spring 2010 Prof. Han
Spring 2009 Prof. Carlen
Spring 2007 Prof. Goodman
Spring 2004 Prof. Goodman