RU Ready Test

The RUReady Test

Rutgers’ college-level math courses are very different from most high school math courses.  In our college-level courses, there is a premium on being able to apply what you are learning to new situations, not just correctly solving familiar problems.  We want to maximize your opportunity to succeed in your Rutgers math courses by ensuring that you are enrolled in the right course for you.  The online placement test was not doing well enough at this, with too many studetns placed into courses for which they were unprepared.

The RU Ready tests are designed to help students form a realistic expectation of their chances of doing well in the course they were initially registered for by our first year deans based on initial online placement test scores.  The RUReady tests measure whether you currently bring to the classroom the mathematical background that is absolutely necessary for passing the course.
We understand that students are eager to complete their required math courses as quickly as possible since they often serve as pre-requisites to other courses in their chosen field of study.   The quickest way to complete your math pre-requisites is to start in the right course!  Taking a course that the RUReady tests indicate you are not well-prepared for is nearly guaranteed to slow you down as well as permanently damage your GPA with a D or F.  It is much better (and more economical) to take the course that the RUReady tests indicate for you and earn an A or B, than struggle through the higher level course to end up with withdrawing or finishing the semester with a D or F.

For further details, please see the FAQ sheet here.

RU Ready Testing is now completed.