Placement Advice

The placement process

The Placement Test in Mathematics measures readiness for mathematics courses offered by the Rutgers-NB Mathematics Department at various levels: algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus. Students entering Rutgers-NB are required to take the Rutgers Placement Test in Mathematics, with certain exceptions for AP tests or transfer credit (see more).

Students may not enroll in any mathematics course unless they meet the prerequisites by suitable placement: that is, by the placement test, an appropriate AP Calculus exam score, or with a grade of C or better in an approved transferred course.

Information regarding special circumstances may be obtained by contacting the Head Mathematics Advisor at . However most mathematics placement advice needed by students new to Rutgers-NB will be found in this document.

NOTE: All students should take math courses needed for graduation or required by their anticipated major as soon as possible. While the results of the placement exam will be honored months or even years later, the knowledge they represent may no longer be totally available. Our placement tests represent your readiness to take a certain level of course at the time the test was taken.
The study of mathematics is cumulative, and each level builds on the one before it.