Employment Opportunities

Students may apply to the Department to become graders or learning assistants. Hiring decisions are based primarily on the strength of the applicant's academic record at Rutgers. Positions may also be available as tutors at the Learning Resource Center.

Jobs After Graduation

Most mathematics majors from Rutgers take positions providing mathematical support for industry, banking, brokerage, and insurance. Many teach in the high schools. Some go on to graduate or professional school in subjects such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, operations research, engineering, law, business, or medicine. For more information, see the link "Careers in Math" on the departmental web site.

Career Advice and Resources at Rutgers and at Professional Societies


Career-oriented Mathematics Tracks

Grading and Mentoring Positions for Undergraduates

Job descriptions

Graders:  Open to students who have taken several upper-level mathematics courses and have a good GPA.

  • To apply for a grading position, please click here: online form

Careers for Mathematics Majors: Job Types

Highest Degree EarnedBusinessGovernmentTeaching
BA, BS 70% 20% 10%
MBA, MS, M.Ed 20% 20% 60%
Doctorate 20% 20% 60%

(Data: Professor Amy Cohen)

Sample Careers

Actuary, Banking, Brokerage, Computing, Consulting, Cryptography, Education, Employee training, Environment, Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Management, Operations Research, Pension Funds, Public Health, Quality Control, Research Support, Statistical Analysis, Tax Policy, Weather Prediction.

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