Placement Advice

There are two sequences of courses in calculus, one intended for science and engineering majors (Math 151-152 or Math 153-154), and one for all other students (Math 135-136 or 135-138).

Calculus for Math and Physical Sciences (and some Life Sciences Students)

The calculus courses Math 151-152 are required for engineering students and for students majoring in biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, and the physical sciences. Many of these majors also require Math 251, a third term of calculus.

There are several versions of each of the courses Math 151 and Math 152. A 4-credit version is taught with two 80-minute lectures and one 80-minute workshop each week. The lectures enroll about 75 students, who divide into three separate groups of 25 for the workshops. The workshop sessions review assigned homework and provide an opportunity for students to work in small groups on non-routine problems. A 5-credit version is taught with two 80-minute lectures enrolling about 25 students, an 80-minute workshop, and an 80-minute practicum each week. The practicum is devoted to routine homework problems, while the entire workshop can be used to work in small groups. For administrative reasons, students register separately for the practicum as Math 157 (to go with Math 151) or Math 158 (to go with Math 152).  The section number of the practicum must match the section number of the lecture.

There are honors sections of Math 151 (fall only), Math 152, and Math 251. An honors version of Math 251, listed as Math 291, is taught both fall and spring semesters, and an honors version of Math 152, listed as Math 192, is taught in the fall. Enrollment in these courses requires permission of the Department of Mathematics, but does not require enrollment in a collegiate honors program. Students in college honors programs may satisfy the requirements of those programs by enrolling in either the honors sections of Math 151-152-251 or the honors courses Math 192-291. Honors students in the College of Engineering are required to enroll in these courses to fulfill their calculus requirement. The honors courses 192 and 291 are considered more demanding than the honors sections of 152 and 251, respectively. Students with strong records will be invited to take honors courses or sections. Others who are interested should speak to the Head Mathematics Advisor (732-445-2390).

Calculus for Other Majors

The calculus courses Math 135-136 cover roughly the same material as Math 151-152, but are designed for students with different interests. Pre-business students, pre-medical students, pharmacy students, and those majoring in economics take one or both of these courses. Some biology majors take Math 135 followed by Math 138. The latter follows the syllabus for Math 136 for almost half the term, and then treats topics in multivariable calculus and differential equations. Students planning to major in the life sciences should seek advice in their departments about choosing their calculus courses. The sequence 151-152 as well as further mathematics courses may be appropriate for such students, and 152 is needed for continuation on to higher level mathematics courses.

As with the science sequence, each of the courses Math 135 and Math 136 is available in two formats. The first format has two 80-minute lectures of about 105 students per week together with an 80-minute recitation of about 35 students. In the second format, the lectures are given to groups of about 35 students, and in addition to the recitation there is an 80-minute practicum each week. The practicum is devoted to work on routine homework problems, while the recitation provides an opportunity to work in small groups on more difficult problems.